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How can I bridge my tokens from one blockchain network to another?

You can bridge assets across any supported chains directly inside your Sequence Wallet.

Select the asset inside your Sequence Wallet that you would like to bridge.

Then select “Bridge.”

Input the amount you would like to send to the other network and make sure you have enough funds left in your wallet to cover the gas fee required to bridge.

Choose your favourite bridge if available and confirm the network fee payment.

Bridging tokens across chains can take up to 25. minutes, so please be patient. You can always create a support ticket if anything goes wrong.

Alternatively, you can use Dapps such as Connext, Bungee, or Hop Exchange by connecting your Sequence Wallet via WalletConnect. Be mindful to only bridge or transfer funds on Ethereum, Polygon or BSC until additional network support is added to the Sequence Wallet.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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