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How can I connect my Sequence Wallet to applications like Uniswap or Opensea?

You can connect your Sequence Wallet to a decentralized application by selecting the ‘Connect with WalletConnect’ option.

A QR code will appear, which you need to scan with your Sequence Wallet by clicking on the Scan button; or you can also copy the WalletConnect code and paste it into the "Scan" window in your Sequence Wallet.

How to connect your Sequence Wallet anywhere in web3
On desktop:

On the app where you want to connect, find and click on 'connect wallet'
Choose 'WalletConnect'
Click on 'Copy to Clippoard'
Open your Sequence wallet and click on 'Scan'
Scroll near the bottom to see 'wallet connect paste code'

This should get you connected.

A message will appear asking permission to connect to that specific app, confirm and you'll be able to access it.

That’s it! Your Sequence Wallet should now be connected to the desired application.
When you finish using that app, you can choose to revoke that access from the drop-down menu of your wallet address.

🚨 To sign the auth message on Ethereum Mainnet for OpenSea, you are going to get prompted to deploy your wallet on Ethereum Mainnet before you can sign the auth message. This doesn’t happen on all the other chains that we support because we cover the Wallet deployment on behalf of all users.

There are still a few sites for web3 dapps that haven't implemented support for smart contract signatures.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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