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What do I do with these random coins?

First, you have to understand that your wallet's public address is a target for bad actors who will use this public information to airdrop tokens of scam coins in hopes that you check out their website and then interact with, or purchase these coins.

So if anyone can send anything to any wallet, it's not uncommon to get random coins appearing in your Sequence Wallet. Anyone can check the block explorer to see which wallet transacted on the blockchain.

Enter here to search in Ethereum mainnet network:
Enter here to search in Polygon network:
Enter here to search in BNB smart chain network:

Don't worry, the coins can't do anything on their own. Although we can't prevent coins from being sent to your wallet, it's important for you to know how to identify a risky coin. As a good rule of thumb, Don't trust any link or tutorial given as part of that coin.

What do I do with these random coins?

You can choose to hide them for the time being. Tokens which are not listed or tracked by any major exchanges/price aggregators can be hidden from view. We're going to add whitelists, soon, to filter these types of coins.

Follow these steps to toggle off the visibility of these coins:

Open your Sequence Wallet and go to Settings
Select the "General UI settings"
Toggle on "Hide unverified tokens"

Settings > General UI settings
And we suggest not to interact with any of these coins. Interacting with their smart contracts may get them access to your funds which might cause your wallet to be drained and lose all your coins.

A big red flag is that if you get an airdrop of a token that requires some information or referral to get the coins, you should stop all communication with that user.

Updated on: 02/01/2024

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