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What are the main features of the Sequence Wallet?

View token balances: Users can see all tokens (crypto, NFTs, collectibles, etc.) they own in their wallet across all networks supported by the Sequence Wallet.

Transfer assets: Users can transfer their tokens outside of the wallet to their contacts or other arbitrary addresses.

Connect with Web3: dapps, games, marketplaces, DeFi and more: Sequence lets you access an increasing number of applications across Web3, the next generation of the Internet.

Transaction data translation: Encoded transactions data can be viewed in a human-friendly readable format generated by Sequence to ensure comprehension. Original transaction data can still be viewed and should be considered as the source of truth by users.

Purchase USDC and other assets: Users will be able to purchase USDC and other cryptocurrencies with their credit card directly in the wallet via an external third-party provider, e.g., Ramp, Moonpay, UPI, etc.

Interacting with smart contracts: Users will be able to interact with all smart contracts on supported chains. These interactions could include voting, bidding, selling, purchasing, insuring, etc.

Non-custodial: Sequence Wallets are non-custodial. However, products could build a custodial wallet via the Sequence SDK.

Not self-hosted: Sequence Wallets are not self-hosted. However, other third-party products could build a self-hosted wallet via the Sequence SDK.

Authenticator tool: Sequence Wallets can be used as an authentication tool for gaming or other applications (e.g. login tool for Uniswap, Reddit, or others)

Contact list: Users can build their own contact lists to facilitate asset transfers and transaction history description.

Collectible Price View: You can now view the price of the NFT that you have in your wallet in the Collectible's description section. Supporting NFTs (ERC20 and ERC1155) listed in Opensea and Niftyswap, Sequence Wallet will attempt to fetch the last traded price.

Customize your dapp login with Sequence: Creating a seamless flow for your users to sign in to your game or dapp is fast and easy with Sequence Wallet.

Updated on: 02/01/2024

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