To close 2022, we announced a new strategic partnership with BoomLand, a leading web3 game developer, and the integration of Sequence Wallet in their Hunters On-Chain game. Sequence’s developer platform and smart wallet facilitate seamless onboarding for new users into the game. And, in the process, users create non-custodial, multi-chain smart contract wallets, providing enhanced security, flexibility, valuable features, and a great user experience. Full partnership announcement here.

Speaking of strategic partnerships, we shared another one with Sunflower Land, ranked the number one Polygon game by DappRadar and played by over 150,000 players. This integration with Sequence means an easy and seamless experience for users, allowing them to engage in Sunflower Land's gameplay without the need to navigate technical web3 elements. Plus, Sequence Marketplaces enable an in-game marketplace, which makes trading Sunflower Land game items instant, easy, and secure. To Learn more, check out this article on Medium.

We've been doing rounds in online events as well. Our Director of Business Development Carl participated in a Blockchain Game Alliance panel about custodial and non-custodial wallets for gaming. Want to know more about the principles and differentiators of Sequence? Check out the video on Youtube.

Also, just yesterday our Director of Product Philippe and Co-founder Michael had an awesome chat about Skyweaver re: how Sequence helps bring tokens, NFTs, and collectibles to web3 games and dapps. You can listen to the recording on Twitter.

Lastly, you’ve probably noticed we have been more prolific in our blog lately, with multiple posts that range from general educational content to Sequence-specific features and events. This year, we’re focused on being a content machine that delivers valuable reference material for both web3 experts and beginners.

Read the latest and expect a lot more here.

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