As previously announced, Niftyswap is now an integral part of Sequence under the name Marketplaces. With this, developers can build their custom web3 collectibles marketplace using the Niftyswap Protocol SDK or our hosted no-code white-label solution, with access to a kit of tools for integrating, customizing and simplifying functionalities in their platforms.

As part of this brand consolidation, we are moving all our communication and support efforts to Sequence. In other words, Niftyswap will be migrating all social and community channels to the official Sequence Discord channels.

This includes the main Niftyswap Discord server: going forward, all support and updates on our products will be provided in the Sequence Discord server, where we have created a special category of channels named MARKETPLACES.

So, please join us in our Discord here:

And the rest of our social media channels:

The Niftyswap Discord server will remain open until January 31, 2023. After that, the channels will be locked until further notice. If you have any questions or requests, use the new channels in the Sequence server to ask us, preferably.

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