How to use ENS to transfer crypto and collectibles?
No more copying and pasting long public addresses. Use ENS name to send and receive any cryptocurrency, token, or NFT.
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What is ENS?

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. ENS's job is to map human-readable names like 'alice. eth' to machine-readable identifiers such as Ethereum addresses, other cryptocurrency addresses

You can check out this simple tutorial made by brantly.eth (Dir. of Operations at Ethereum Name Service) to learn how to get an ENS for you.

Send crypto tokens and collectibles to an ENS from Sequence.

To use an ENS name as a destination address is as simple as writing the ENS in the field for the destination. Sequence Wallet will search for it and resolve the full public address connected to that ENS.

Connect your ENS domain to your Sequence Wallet.

If you own an ENS and want to connect it to your Sequence smart contract wallet address, you need to set your Sequence Wallet as a Primary ENS Name record.

A Primary ENS Name record (formerly Reverse Record) makes your Ethereum address point to an ENS name. This can only be set by you so it is not set automatically upon registration.

To set the Primary ENS Name record, follow this steps:

  1. Connect via WalletConnect to your Sequence Wallet

  2. Click "My account", and select "Primary ENS Name".

  3. Go back to Sequence Wallet, and enter "Settings" and then "Profile"

  4. Click "Refresh" and Sequence Wallet will retrieve the ENS data.

    If you have set up correctly the primary ENS record and you're not able to connect it with these steps. Please, perform quick troubleshooting and try again. You can always chat with our support team if you encounter more issues.

If you have further questions about ENS please refer to their FAQs in this link

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