You can view the price of the NFT that you have in your wallet in the Collectible's description section.

The price view will vary for each item depending on where it's listed.

For NFTs listed in Opensea, whether they are ERC-1155 or ERC-721, Sequence Wallet will attempt to fetch the last traded.

Remember this price view does not take into account the floor price of the collection. (For example, if you've bought a BAYC NFT when they first launched and the floor price went up) - Sequence will still only display what it was last traded for (which would be a value below the current floor price).

For NFTs that are ERC-1155 in liquidity pools (LP) on Niftyswap (ERC-1155), only the current price will be fetched by Sequence. If the token is USDC, Sequence will convert it automatically to the selected currency in your wallet settings.

For more information or feedback about this feature. Feel free to send us a message.

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