You can buy NFTs directly with your debit or credit card or use your crypto balance. Sequence co-developed a new standard for buying digital goods in web3: SmartRamps™.

You can use card payments to directly purchase NFTs (ERC721s or ERC1155s) and other digital goods in any decentralized marketplace that has integrated with SmartRamps™

If you're participating in the Skyweaver economy, you can follow this guide, or use it as a reference.

At the marketplace, choose the NFT you're interested in purchasing and add to the order

You will be prompted to the Sequence Wallet interface to choose if you want to pay via crypto balance or with a credit or debit card. Select Wyre Smart Ramps™.

Add all your debit or credit card details and follow the steps.

You’ll be able to review your purchase order and add a new card if you wish to do so.

When ready, click the button “Purchase” and complete the payment process.

🚨 Only purchase NFTs and digital goods assets on Ethereum, Polygon or BSC chains to your Sequence Wallet. (More blockchains are being added soon)

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