Absolutely, you can!

Sequence Wallet allows you to perform a token exchange inside the wallet (also called token swap).

πŸ” Using Sequence's in-wallet swap

1) On the home screen of Sequence Wallet, click the "Swap" button

2) Select the network where you want to exchange your tokens.

3) Select the token you wish to trade from your available balance list.

4) Select which token you'd like to get after the swap.

(The list is a whitelisted filtered list from official tokens in Uniswap registry, If you can't find the token you're looking for please contact us on discord)

5) View the exchange rate subject to that specific trade and accept by clicking on "Swap". Please note that Sequence charges a 0.875% swap fee

6) On the "Sign transaction" page, you'll need to scroll down to see the network fee (also called "gas fee") and choose how you wish to pay for that fee and confirm. (this fee is paid to the blockchain validators, not to Sequence)

Currently, network fees are free for users for all in-wallet swaps on Polygon and BNB Smart Chain. These network fees are subsidized by Sequence. πŸ₯³

Using any decentralized exchange app (DEX)

If you prefer to use a DEX to trade your tokens, you can do that too:

1) Go to the app page of the DEX you want to use.

2) Click on "Connect Wallet" and select Sequence from the "Wallet Connect" list. (Look here for a full step-by-step instruction)

3) Go back to the App website of the DEX, and you can confirm the connection by looking at the corner where your wallet and your balance appear.

4) Select the network where you want to perform the exchange (Remember that you can only use the currently supported networks on Sequence)

5) Choose a token that is available on your wallet's balance.

6) Then, choose the token you want to trade for.

7) Insert the amount to be traded and review the exchange rate.

8) There are two steps involved in a DEX's swap.

8.a) You'll need to approve the interaction with the selected token (this will impact network fees). Click "Approve" and go to your Sequence Wallet to pay the transaction details.

8.b) You'll need to confirm the swap of the tokens chosen. Click "swap" and return to your Sequence Wallet to pay the transaction details.

Examples of some exchanges you can use with your Sequence Wallet:

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