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Why is the Sequence Wallet better than other crypto/blockchain wallets out there?
Why is the Sequence Wallet better than other crypto/blockchain wallets out there?
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At its heart, Sequence seeks to solve the following problem: How can you interact with the blockchain so it feels as normal as using any other Web or mobile application?

Sequence tackles this with:

  • 1st class NFT support and experience your collectibles the way you want to

  • Not requiring users to own ETH currency to pay transactions fees

  • Reducing a complex set of transactions to a single click

  • No seed phrases needed to be stored to secure your wallet

  • Enabling asset management on multiple EVM-compatible chains

  • Bundling transactions to save time and money/gas fees

  • Bridging assets across networks (e.g. move your assets between Ethereum, Polygon or BSC)

  • Optimal transaction confirmation times and transaction fees through gas price optimization and intelligent transaction relay service

  • A simple user interface

  • Create and login to your wallet using socials or email

  • Securely access your wallet on any device without having to copy a seed phrase

  • Developer SDK to easily develop seamless applications for Ethereum

  • Increasing security of asset management

  • ERC20 and ERC1155) listed in Opensea and Niftyswap, Sequence Wallet will attempt to fetch the last traded price.

  • Creating a seamless flow for your users to sign in to your game or dapp

  • Dapps integrating Sequence can specify their own banner

Using Skyweaver as an example, Sequence lets Skyweaver users create a wallet with only their email, do complex sets of transactions in a single click, acquire blockchain assets like USDC with their credit card and have Horizon Blockchain Games cover all their transaction fees.

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