Go to Sequence's official website on your desktop or mobile browser and launch your wallet. Or go directly to https://sequence.app Pick your preferred login method (Email, Facebook, Apple ID or Google) and wait about a minute for your wallet to be created.

  • iOS and Android apps coming soon

  • Chrome browser extension coming soon as well

🚨Attention: It's extremely important to use a sign-up method that you will always have access to and manage it securely.

Follow these steps to create your Sequence smart contract wallet:

1) Go to https://sequence.app on your desktop or mobile browser

2) Select your preferred method to sign up.

Remember that this will be your only way to access your wallet and funds, it's not possible to have more than one authorized credential to open your non-custodial wallet.

We're working in a web3 login, where users will create a session key that will be stored on their device instead of social logins and a backup key that they will need to store them securely.

We'll show the next steps for the option "Email" as login credentials

3) Use your email, where you want to receive the confirmation link.

4) Check in your inbox for the "Sign in to Sequence" email and click on the link

5) The confirmation window will show you the information for this log-in; click confirm if the information is right.

6) After a few seconds, you'll be logged in, and you can close this tab.

7) Open the first browser where you'll be prompted by the Welcome message and Terms of Service.

Welcome Message

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