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Why is the Sequence Wallet better than other crypto/blockchain wallets out there?

Sequence aims to address a pivotal inquiry within the realm of Web3:
How can you interact with the blockchain so it feels as normal as using any other Web or mobile application?

Sequence tackles this with:

A simple, easy to navigate user interface

First class NFT support allowing you to experience your collectibles in a fun and easy way

Not requiring users to own ETH to pay transactions fees

Reducing a complex set of transactions to a single click

No seed phrases needed to be stored to secure your wallet

Enabling asset management on multiple EVM-compatible chains

Bundling transactions to save time and money/gas fees

Bridging assets across networks (e.g. move your assets between Ethereum, Polygon or BSC)

Optimal transaction confirmation times and transaction fees through gas price optimization and intelligent transaction relay service

Create and login to your wallet using socials or email

Securely access your wallet on any device without having to copy a seed phrase

Developer SDK to easily develop seamless applications for Ethereum

Increasing security of asset management

Creating a seamless flow for your users to sign in to your game or dapp

Taking Skyweaver as an example, Sequence enables users to create a wallet using only their email, execute intricate transactions with a single click, purchase blockchain assets such as USDC with their credit or debit card, and have Horizon cover all associated transaction fees.

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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