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Why do I need to pay to deploy my Sequence Wallet

Sequence is a unique cryptocurrency wallet that stores tokens and collectibles securely as a multi-sig, non-custodial wallet while giving a seamless user experience.

Because Sequence is a smart contract, it requires it to be deployed in the blockchain, making it possible for any web3 dApp to interact with it.

Simply put, when you deploy your wallet, you're "turning it on".

The Sequence Team strives to reduce blockchain's complexity for any type of user. Hence, you will only see the message "`Your Sequence wallet needs to be updated on Mainnet to sign messages`", when you're trying to perform your first transaction on the Ethereum Mainnet blockchain or the BNB Smart chain.

Your Sequence wallet needs to be deployed in every chain it transacts with. You will not find this message when you're using Polygon because Sequence is covering the cost of the deployment for you.

Behind the scenes, your Sequence Wallet will bundle the transaction for deployment together with the particular interaction you wish to perform (swap, transfer, or sign a connection with a web3 dApp).

The cost for deploying the smart contract will depend on the current congestion of the network, so if you think you can wait until the transaction cost is cheaper, that is completely up to you.

After your Sequence Wallet gets deployed to the blockchain, you won't have to cover this cost again while you're using the same device where you've made this transaction. So if you're using another device, you will probably get the request to pay for an update again.

We hope this article helped. If you have further questions, feel free to send us a message or join our official Discord channel to get more insights straight from our Sequence Team.

Updated on: 02/01/2024

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