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How to purchase ETH using a credit/debit card?

Ether, or ETH, is the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain and is required to interact with the Ethereum network to pay for gas fees.

The Sequence Wallet has a user-friendly workaround to let users pay with other tokens like USDC, DAI, etc.

There are 3 possible ways to get ETH into your Sequence Wallet:

Purchase USDC in-wallet via credit/debit card on-ramps providers, then swap and bridge your balance for ETH
Transfer from a centralized exchange
Transfer from another crypto wallet via blockchain networks

Purchase via credit / debit card and swap for ETH

Currently, you can buy USDC (on the Polygon network) with a credit or debit card directly inside your Sequence Wallet by clicking “Add Funds” and selecting a payment provider in the “Debit or Credit Card” section.

Here is the full video tutorial on how to fund your wallets via onramps providers.
Once you've got USDC in your balance, you can swap it for Wrapped ETH (WETH)
WETH is the existing token on Polygon replicating ETH, to have it available in the Ethereum mainnet, you'll need to bridge it following this tutorial.

Transfer from a centralized exchange

Alternatively, you can purchase ETH on an exchange, such as Coinbase, Kraken, Binance or others, and transfer it to your Sequence Wallet.

Transfer from another crypto wallet

If you already know someone with ETH, you can receive it by sharing your Sequence wallet address, making sure the ETH is being sent through the Ethereum mainnet.

Updated on: 02/01/2024

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